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American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA)

The American Backflow Prevention Association is an organization whose members have a common interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross-connections. ABPA is an organization dedicated to education and technical assistance. Through its network of regions and chapters, local needs and interests are supported with the resources of the national organization. ABPA is committed to advancing all aspects of backflow prevention for the continued protection of all water users.

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American Brain Coalition (ABC)

ABC is a strong and powerful voice for people with disabling brain disorders bringing together organizations that represent concerned and interested patients, families, and professionals. This voice will be used to advocate for increased support of research that will lead to better treatment; services and support that will improve patients’ quality of life; as well as a national commitment towards finding cures for individuals with disabling neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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American Real Estate Society (ARES)

American Real Estate Society encourages research and promotes education in real estate, improves communication and exchange of information in real estate and allied matters among college/university faculty and practicing professionals, and facilitate the association of academic, practicing professional, and research persons in the area of real estate.

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Established in 1910, the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association is the premier professional organization representing Connecticut’s Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (podiatrists). The CPMA represents a vast majority of the podiatrists in Connecticut. CPMA is a component of the American Podiatric Medical Association and fits within APMA's umbrella of organizations along with 52 other component societies in states and other jurisdictions, as well as 22 affiliated and related societies.

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Endocrine Fellows Foundation (EFF)

The Endocrine Fellows Foundation (EFF) was founded in 1990 by Dr. Sherman Holvey. This nonprofit foundation was established to provide a support system for endocrine fellows, helping them expand their professional capabilities and broaden their exposure to research. Currently EFF works with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) to host educational programs for endocrinology fellows. EFF also works in conjunction with Columbia University and the National Institute of Health (NIH) to provide two in depth Preceptorship programs, one in Bone, and the other in Diabetes Research. EFF also provides two research grant opportunities for endocrinology fellows to receive funding for their research projects. 

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Hartford Dental Society (HDS)

The Hartford Dental Society (HDS), which was founded in 1899, is a member-based organization of dentists who either reside or have an office located in the Greater Hartford Area. The HDS mission is to cultivate the science and art of dentistry and all its collateral branches; to elevate and sustain the professional character of its members; and to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the advancement of health. HDS has both a strong educational focus via its programing for dentists, in addition to a significant community service component. HDS members have a tripartite membership with the Connecticut State Dental Society and American Dental Society.  

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Hartford Medical Society (HMS)

The Hartford Medical Society (HMS) is a membership organization for physicians in clinical practice, those involved in research and or teaching, as well as for individuals who are interested in medical-related topics. Established in 1846, membership is open to those who work or reside in the Greater Hartford area.  A primary activity of HMS are the dinner lectures that include updates in clinical specialties, the history of medicine, and the humanities as they relate to medicine. The Society also maintains a historical medical library, located at the UCONN Health Center, which may be accessed by the general public. 

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Human Resource Leadership Forum of Southern New England (HRLF) 

The Human Resource Leadership Forum of Southern New England is a membership organization composed of Central Connecticut and Massachusetts senior HR professionals, learning executives and organizational leaders responsible for managing human talent.  Members are able to connect and collaborate in-person and online with key industry professionals, as well as benefit from continuous learning opportunities on Human Resources related topics.

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International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) is the world's preeminent association of physicians and other health professionals working toward a world where no person's life is limited by epilepsy. ILAE's mission is to ensure that health professionals, patients and their care providers, governments, and the public world-wide have the educational and research resources that are essential in understanding, diagnosing and treating persons with epilepsy. Its goals are to advance and disseminate knowledge about epilepsy; promote research, education, and training, and improve services and care for patients, especially by prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The ILAE was founded in 1909 and has grown greatly in size and influence in recent years. It is overseen by an Executive Committee, currently of 16 persons serving a four-year term. The President and the Executive Committee appoint Topic-Oriented Commissions and Task Forces to carry out work for the ILAE. The ILAE holds a global scientific conference once every two years (International Epilepsy Congress). Each region holds a regional scientific conference every two years in the years when there is no global conference, and national chapters hold annual national scientific conferences. 

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International Society for Autism Research (INSAR)

INSAR is a scientific and professional organization formed in 2001. INSAR’s mission is to promote the highest quality autism research in order to improve the lives of individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Membership is open to individuals engaged in academic or research activities, students and postdoctoral researchers and others invested in the study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The society hosts many activities throughout the year including an annual scientific meeting.   

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International Zebrafish Society (IZFS)

The International Zebrafish Society (IZFS) represents zebrafish scientific research worldwide, and facilitates the exchange of information and resources within the zebrafish community. Serving a growing population of members with direct access to thousands more in the field, IZFS is committed to promoting educational initiatives and advancing all aspects of zebrafish research through its meetings around the globe.

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North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS)

The North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS) is an association of deans, directors, and administrators of college and university summer programs located throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The purpose of the organization is to help its members develop summer session standards and oversee programs, advocate for resources to support students during their summer studies, and coordinate with other organizations supporting the NAASS mission.

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National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH)

The National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH) is the premier association representing long term acute care hospitals and associated professional staff committed to advancing the health, well-being and quality of care for medically complex patients who require prolonged hospital stays. Included in the care are specialized programs to achieve medical stability and maximum function. 

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Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI)

The Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) was originally formed as the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement in 1999 by national leaders in continuous improvement, organizational development, planning, quality, institutional effectiveness and related areas. NCCI’s mission is to advance sustainable excellence in higher education by promoting successful practices and approaches used to drive change, innovation, and continuous improvement across academic and administrative functions. In our respective institutions across the nation, members of NCCI are involved in addressing critical issues by converting policies and ideas into action and results. NCCI enables us to advance the effectiveness of our institutions through collaboration. Collectively, we have the capacity and desire to advance critical issues at a broader, national level through our specialized skills and experience. The Board of Directors approved a name change to the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation in 2012 to reflect the current roles of its members at higher education institutions. NCCI currently has about 70 institutional members and about 800 individual members. 

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New England Association of Neonatal Nurses (NEANN)

The Connecticut Neonatal Nurses Association (CONN) was founded in 1978 and eventually became a chapter of the national association.  In 2001, the association became independent and renamed as the Connecticut Organization of Neonatal Nurses (CONN).  At present the organization is going through a name and scope transformation designed to cover the New England states with a new name, New England Association of Neonatal Nurses(NEANN).  NEANN is an organization of neonatal professionals promoting education, networking and community service.  CONN/NEANN became a client of Association Resources’ in February 2014. 

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PaymentsED Forum

PaymentsEd (Formerly the Direct Response Forum/DRF) delivers high-level, educational opportunities for all levels of payments professionals. The PaymentsEd Forum is supported and attended by payment professionals from some of the top merchants – all dedicated to providing world class payments education. With the help of payments experts from advisor organizations, card brands, acquirers and consulting organizations, the PaymentsEd Forum continues to be the best source of card not present payments education and networking in the industry.

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Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS)

The Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS) an association of professionals who help athletes maximize their potential and overall well-being. Through inter-sport collaboration, we establish standards to advance the athlete development profession. PAADS vision is to be recognized as the global leader in the profession of athlete development. PAADS is a fairly new organization, having been founded in 2011 after successfully hosting the Athlete Development Summit since 2002. PAADS goal is to become an international renowned organization known to all in the sports industry.

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Treasury Institute for Higher Education (TIHE)

The Treasury Institute for Higher Education promotes excellence in treasury and financial management through developing educational programs and the sharing of best practices. Our goals is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and service delivery of the treasury and financial operations of education institutions by developing and offering program content of superior quality.

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